teenage blood repetition sweet grain of totality a thousand hungry eyes like ensemble machines a frenzy of exultations/zerodrifter stride be my savior/

“Why color poems, you ask? Well, the truth is art has always been a part of my life! My mother is an accomplished artist and she passed on to me the love of fine art. Color Poems is an attempt to combine these two great art forms-art & poetry.” – Rus Khomutoff

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The first novel in the Midtown Tetralogy


“…As night fell I continued to stare at the slow movements of the water, sending the sins away. I remember laughing at the prospect of bathing in such a sacred place, knowing only ten sins could be erased. Two handfuls, that was all.”

Roam the gloomy streets of Midtown in the shadow of Mantra Hand. Part mystery and part diary, The Marianas Trench by Ryan Madej is both an allegory and an obsession.

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