Not a theory of relation, but a thing in a relation to itself, this book presents a juncture in a world that has no meaning, but is sign of other worlds in which it may have.

The implication of the Earth in the relation to the book is not exclusively the sense of the materials with which it has been printed, but the sense that it contains the Earth entirely. The book is an example of relation to the Earth, which may be opened to alternative relations to the Earth.

An exemplar: one of many, and of many always one.

Coming November 2021

A genre scorching mixed media collection that documents humanity’s painful but willing descent into characterless orbs incapable of emotion or thought. A psychotic narrative unfolds through glimpses into windows of neighbouring houses in a characterless subdivision and their residents as beautiful warts and scars are smoothed over in favour of perceived normalcy.

‘Until No Crevice Remained’ available for purchase HERE

Matthew Kinlin’s debut experimental novel ‘Teenage Hallucination’ is described by the author as “the account of a family visited by an angel at midday.”

‘Teenage Hallucination’ available for purchase HERE

A reissue of Barbara Shelby Merello’s 1968 English translation of João Guimarães Rosa’s ‘Primeiras Estórias,’ with the short stories restored to Rosa’s original sequence.

Contains: The Thin Edge of Happiness, Notorious, Sorôco, His Mother, His Daughter, The Girl From Beyond, The Dagobé Brothers, The Third Bank of the River, Hocus Psychocus, No Man, No Woman, My Friend the Fatalist, Cause and Effect, The Mirror, Nothingness and the Human Condition, The Horse That Drank Beer, A Young Man, Gleaming, White, Honeymoons, The Aldacious Navigator, A Woman of Good Works, Much Ado, Substance, Tantarum, My Boss, Treetops

‘The Third Bank of the River’ available for purchase HERE

teenage blood repetition sweet grain of totality a thousand hungry eyes like ensemble machines a frenzy of exultations/zerodrifter stride be my savior/

“Why color poems, you ask? Well, the truth is art has always been a part of my life! My mother is an accomplished artist and she passed on to me the love of fine art. Color Poems is an attempt to combine these two great art forms-art & poetry.” – Rus Khomutoff

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The Midtown Tetralogy

‘The Marianas Trench’ is the first novel in the Midtown Tetralogy, available for purchase HERE.
‘The Threshold and the Key’ is the third novel in the Midtown Tetralogy, available for purchase HERE
‘The Last Train’ is the final volume in the Midtown Tetralogy, available for purchase HERE

Book 2: The Marble Corridor, is available exclusively from JEF Books.

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