Brad Baumgartner  is the author of several works, including Stylinaut (Spuyten Duyvil, 2021), The –Tempered Mid·riff: A Play in Four Parts (Schism – Neuronics, 2020), Celeste: Our Lady of Flowering Marvel (Spuyten Duyvil, 2020), Quantum Mechantics: Memoirs of a Quark (The Operating System, 2019), and a monograph entitled Weird Mysticism: Philosophical Horror and the Mystical Text (Lehigh University Press, 2021). He currently teaches English at Penn State University.

Christopher Clifton is the author of Contructions (Void Front Press) and Of the Contract (Punctum Books). He lives in Australia.

Matthew Kinlin lives and writes in Glasgow. He has had work published in 3:AM Magazine, SURFACES, Burning House Press and SELFFUCK.

James Krendel-Clark is a writer and conceptual artist residing in the Boston area.

Ryan Madej is a Canadian writer of non-traditional narratives and short stories. His work has appeared on expatpress.com and can be found scattered throughout the internet. You can read short interviews here and here. His most recent novel, Assassin, is available from Equus Press.

The Midtown Tetralogy: 1. The Marianas Trench (Orbis Tertius Press, 2020), 2. The Marble Corridor (JEF Books, 2020), 3. The Threshold and the Key (VoidFront Press, 2019, Orbis Tertius Press 2021), 4. The Last Train (Orbis Tertius Press, 2021)

Source: Britannica.com

João Guimarães Rosa (1908-1967) was a Brazilian novelist, short story writer, and diplomat. Rosa published four books of short stories in his lifetime, all of them revolving around the life in the sertão, but also addressing themes of universal literature and of existential nature. (source: wikipedia.org)

Barbara Shelby Merello (1923-2014) translated 12 books by Brazilian writers authors of widely different styles for Alfred A. Knopf and was a finalist in the 1968 National Book Award for translation. (source)

J.R. Verlin is a writer living in south Philadelphia. For the better part of a decade he made his living having sex on camera in and around Southern California. He is formally uneducated.

Jaclyn Watterson is left-handed, vegetarian, and of choleric temperament. She lives with her family in an agreeable apartment in the second largest North American city. She holds an MFA from Oregon State University and a PhD from the University of Utah. Her previous book is Ventriloquisms, available from Willow Springs Books.

Mark Wilson is a Chicago based author/visual artist driven by retention ponds,  neglected strip mall parking lots and the eternal consumption of content as we lose all memories into the blue light. He is the author of PowerPoint Eulogy from Fly on the Wall Press and forthcoming short story collection Sparsely Attended Funerals from Close to the Bone. He has words in Misery Tourism, Tragikal, Bear Creek Gazette, and Rejection Letters.

R.G. Vasicek is a lo-fi novelist in NYC. Vasicek’s books include THE DEFECTORS, MACHINE, CYBORG, & the anti-novella JÖRGENSEN AND THE MACHINE.

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